Abiding in the Vine Family Life Ministries, Inc. provides ministry opportunities in the following areas:

  • Conferences/Workshops/Seminars
  • Annual Retreat – Has become a Hallmark of the ministry. An opportunity to spend quality time away with God. The retreat takes place in a setting that inspires a time of renewal and refreshing through Solitude and Prayer, fellowship and communion with God, and fellowship with one another. Attendees will enjoy an amazing time of prophetic worship and awesome impartation of the Word that will produce lasting heart changes.
  • Sponsor Gifting Workshops – Teaching on Gift Assessments and validation to help individuals understand how we have been wired by God. Learning how to apply our Gifts to transform the way we live each day of our lives.
  • Healing the Orphan’s Heart Seminars and Workshops – Helps individuals understand the origin of an Orphan’s Heart to include practical steps to healing through embracing God’s Love
  • Life Coaching Services  – Life Focus/Purpose
  • Spiritual Formation – Individual/Group
  • DVD/CD – Teaching Materials
  • Genesis Counseling Group

Partners in Ministry

On Belay – The process of holding the rope and supporting a fellow climber while rock/mountain climbing in the event of a fall. Abiding in the Vine is the support for these climbing in the mountain of life. We are able to hold others through the spirit of God in order that the person may achieve destiny and purpose in Christ Jesus. This is achieved by partnering with the following: