BHM Week 2: It Happened in Virginia – Quiz

Music is a universal language and there is no place where it is powerful than in the African American Church. Baptist, Methodist, Apostolic, COGIC, Non-denominational all share the joy of music in worship.  During slavery, Negro spirituals were sung as a way of escape from the cares or the world as well as a way of escape from bondage. (For example:  Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Wade in the Water were signal songs with double meanings)

Let us remember the psalmists whose music is sung around the world.  Let’s not forget the Father of Gospel Thomas Dorsey penned Precious Lord or Richard Smallwood’s Total Praise. Let us not forget Jester Hairston’s who penned Everybody say Amen or Andre Crouch’s The Blood.  These are a few songs by African American artists that have been translated into many languages around the world.

Perhaps the most powerful hymn, written by John Newton is set to the tune of a West African Song of Mourning. That song is Amazing Grace.  Click on the link below to find out why Amazing Grace’s roots is on an African Slave Ship. It is a medley heard over and over during the Middle Passage.  #Gaither #AmazingGrace #Vevo